Kissable & Quiet (emo_spoons) wrote,
Kissable & Quiet

Today was reeeeally cool! Miss Lucy and i went to Crawley, did some shopping, looked at guys *AHEMMMMMM* and uh yeah.. i bought two pairs of legwarmers pink & black.. woweee! Very sexy indeed. Today was good though, we had a very good talk about everything, and it was cool to be good mates and stuff. Thanks love. We also went to see "sleepover"!!! EXTREMELY GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! <33333333333 i wana see it again! ASAP! lol well after buying at least £5 worth of sweeties!..


^^ haha plush!

^^ super hot girley Hannah *drools & stares*..ahem =$

 And again... in bed =PPPPPP

 And again =D no boobies though =(.. not that i was looking?

 Miles, skater dork 1

 Russell skater dork 2

 LANCEEEE hot skater dudeeeeeeeeeeeeedorkwad *creams* =$

 << ultimate orgasm

Now.. a lickle something for miss lucy (this is the thing i was HAHAHAHAHAing about)

"i wana i wana i wana .." *fades into singing spice girls with hairbrush and funky wig as above*



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HAHA it was such a great film.i love the last pic,but you cant see lance :( :(
god hannah had huge boobs.i want her.though she looks so serious in the pic of her in bed!
aw today was such fun<3 im glad we're good friends again!xxxxmwah
hehe.. maybe i'll get you lance as a birthday present? you know, lol but you have to get me uhhhhhh russell lol we cant double date - go to a club and strut our funky stuff (like they did) i cant believe how good it was, i think i feel an obsession coming on! lol.. it was so good seeing you too =) mwah <3 xx
I loved that movie and that other girls hair was bothering me throughout the movie and so was julies eyebrows i wanted to throw a tweezer into the movie!!!
yeah i found that too. they weren't shaped but.. ah well.. which girls hair?
her friends with like the orange hair color not the blonde girls but the orange haired one!!
yeah lucy said someting bout that, because it was like.. too round and blunt..(blunt i think was lucys word)
Heyho..Im glad u got legwarmers!!
i knowwww!! yay for amy!
i just duno how the fuck you wear them!x
legwarmers which you'll wear on your arms.

*nod nod*

glad you had a gooood time. <3
or not =P
They look rele cool worn over hi-top converse! I mean veeery cool!!!