Kissable & Quiet (emo_spoons) wrote,
Kissable & Quiet

=) today was great...

school wasn't anything amazing, but i went to the doctors after, and it was amazing.. Sue (the nurse thingy) said how well i've done, and all of that. Mum was also so pleased with me, it made me feel like i'd done really well..i have so ner! hehe.. i've now been signed off, so i'm sane well.. to some kinda...points? I duno =D wooP!!!!


I put this under a cut, because i don't want people complaining i'm hogging their friends pages =) anyway... last night was great, i love seeing tim. Simple things we do (randomly sitting around) really make my day, =) hehe. Thing is, i've always had these like i duno"romantic"ideas? like they have on films, and thanks to him i've done two of them hehe.

We kissed in the rain (kinda) which i've always wanted to do, don't ask why. & we watched the sunset at the beach <3 It's a month today aswell =) wooha!

Rawr xx

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