Kissable & Quiet (emo_spoons) wrote,
Kissable & Quiet

I haven't updated properly in ages =S woops! Nothing much has been happening, after saturday night, it was ages since i saw Tim, so we went out last night =) just random wonderings..things are going really well. YAY! hehe.. uh oh! i had my 6th form interview tuesday, which went well.. i'm doing psychology, sociology, english & art in 6th form and woo.

On the way home today though, kevin megan and i were talking about it, and it seems kinda scary - boat party, exams then leave... and go our seperate ways. In some way im not fussed because the people i love i will stay in touch with, but...somepeople i will really miss =( adam, sam and all of those people i will only speak to on msn which is kinda upsetting.

I never thought i'd say it. But i will miss going to school (with those people) =( xx


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