Kissable & Quiet (emo_spoons) wrote,
Kissable & Quiet

Today was reeeeally cool! Miss Lucy and i went to Crawley, did some shopping, looked at guys *AHEMMMMMM* and uh yeah.. i bought two pairs of legwarmers pink & black.. woweee! Very sexy indeed. Today was good though, we had a very good talk about everything, and it was cool to be good mates and stuff. Thanks love. We also went to see "sleepover"!!! EXTREMELY GOOOOOOOOOOD!!! <33333333333 i wana see it again! ASAP! lol well after buying at least £5 worth of sweeties!..


^^ haha plush!

^^ super hot girley Hannah *drools & stares*..ahem =$

 And again... in bed =PPPPPP

 And again =D no boobies though =(.. not that i was looking?

 Miles, skater dork 1

 Russell skater dork 2

 LANCEEEE hot skater dudeeeeeeeeeeeeedorkwad *creams* =$

 << ultimate orgasm

Now.. a lickle something for miss lucy (this is the thing i was HAHAHAHAHAing about)

"i wana i wana i wana .." *fades into singing spice girls with hairbrush and funky wig as above*



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