Kissable & Quiet (emo_spoons) wrote,
Kissable & Quiet

Happy New Year <3

Last night kinda sucked, well not did. Noone should be on their own, but i was lol.. so yeah you get the idea. Tim went to the pub with his friends, and people were with family and stuff. Scott&James tried though. Scott asked me to go down there bless him <thanks3 but my parents wouldnt let me, so i was shitty with them all evening =) haha & he even tried to come here,but it was way to expensive.. was the thought that counts, and that was enough to cheer me up. James helped by sorting out the trains and being a clever doof like always. =P thank you too. Just as an added thing to make collette smile "This is turning very SOUR!" heh Yes <3
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