Kissable & Quiet (emo_spoons) wrote,
Kissable & Quiet

Yesterday was utterly amazing!..
Firstly i went up to camden and met scott, we walked around, had lunch and then met miss lucy&miss ali.. hehe which was cool =D
then me n scott poodled off to brixton, found rachelle (kinda) and then went in to the used (after 2 hours of waiting in the queue)
Duno who the first band were, but im pretty sure the hundred reasons singer was in that band, second band - yourcodenameis:milo << hmm still dont like them. and then the used came on an hour or so after that. and oh my fucknig god
the guys = WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, the guys couldnt look better! bert especially! PHOWR!
anyway.. wow.. they played everything i wanted them to play
onmyown, box of sharp objects (my fave), blue and yellow (which scott didnt think they'd play..) and uh.... take it away, and maybe memories.
It was just amazing!!

If i didn't fucking love them before..i fucking do now

<333 thank you so much scott, this is the best present like...EVER!
<333 thank you rachelle, selina & people for letting us jump the queue
thanks james for the train shit..

<3333333333333thank you the used for making me so hyper <3333333
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